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WANTED by Bill White

Passport and Identity Fraud Expert Reveals The True Story of How He Evaded US Capture And Wound Up With A Life Sentence

by Bill White

Have you ever wondered how to get a false US passport? Really? Not even once?

Okay, for the honest people reading this who answered that question “yes”, WANTED, by Bill White — a straight-forward account by a passport fraudster, who obtained and used his ‘fake’ passport for more than 13 years is for you.

Bill White is WANTED.

In WANTED, White tells his readers exactly how and why he did what he did and he explains how he was ‘caught’ and how he beat the US Government but ultimately wound up with a Life Sentence for passport fraud.

For more information about the book’s release date contact WireNews.


About the Author

Bill White is a Jewish American, the founding CEO of WireNews, a journalist and relentless entrepreneur who enjoys painting, sailing and trading Forex. You will find Bill online @realbillwhite on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.