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Submit Press Releases

Any business can publish press releases for free with WireNews

It's 100 per cent free to publish your corporate news, announcements and press releases on WireNews.

If you would like to post company press releases, write blog posts or submit articles, opinion pieces, etc., then you must be invited after you register with WireNews.


Please follow these four steps:

1. Register with WireNews

2. Complete your online profile;

3. Be sure to upload your photo or relevant image and complete all of the areas that relate to your WireNews profile; then

4. Send us a message and ask for permission to contribute to WireNews;

There are some rules and it's important to follow these guidelines in order to prevent wasting your time and our resources.

The Rules

  1. We will not allow posts about Bitcoin/Crypto-Currency;

  2. We will not allow posts about firearms, weapons or 'guns' of any kind;

  3. We will not allow posts about porn or pornography, pornographic media or anything that could reasonably be considered 'adult' in nature;

  4. We will not allow posts about Escort services;

  5. We will not allow FREE posts about so-called 'market reports' to be published for free. If you wish to publish Market Reports Contact Us and make arrangements for payment;

  6. We will not allow posts about any illegal product or service;

If you post any media that violates the rules shown above we will delete it without notice. Any user that violates these rules more than once will have their account blocked.


There are very specific categories that should be assigned to your company's press releases. If your media is a press release assign the 'Press Release' category and not another category. If you have published an opinion piece, please assign the 'Opinion' category. If you're writing 'news' select UK News or World News, not both. Press Releases are not news.