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Psilocybe mushrooms are a genus of mushrooms that contain a compound psilocybin. Psilocybin is a compound that transforms the chemistry of our brain. The influence can be incredibly variable relying on several factors which are gone over listed below. The substance psilocybin is illegal, so in many states (leaving out Oakland and Denver presently) it is unlawful to possess mycelium or mushrooms of this genus. Always job as clean and also tidy as possible as the grow kits are very susceptible to bacteria. Clean your hands extensively with soap and make sure the sink as well as faucet are clean. Please select the right spot to expand your kit. The kit will certainly need all-natural daylight in order to grow. The optimal temperature level is in between 20 and also 25 ⁰ C. If the temperature level goes down below 18 ⁰ C, we would certainly suggest utilizing a home heating mat, simply ensure the temperature does not rise above 35 ⁰ C. Make sure the surface area as well as setting locations are as clean and tidy as feasible. Remove the cover from the magic mushroom grow kit, yet don't throw it away. Take a clean fork and meticulously make some openings in the top layer of the kit. 6 to 8 rows of openings is enough. This is an essential action so that the kit can better soak up water. Fill up the magic mushroom grow kit with warm water. Place the cover back. As well as allow it saturate for 1 hour. After saturating, eliminate the lid and also carefully pour out all the excess water. Allow the grow kit to drain pipes for 5 to 10 secs. Pour a mug or two with lukewarm water right into the expand bag. Put the acheter kit champignon magique in the Growbag. Ensure the water does not go over the side of the grow kit. The mushrooms need to be collected just before the membrane under the cap starts to come loose. Gathering: gently comprehend the stem, twist it left and also right, and then draw it up carefully to pull the mushroom out as entirely as possible. In this manner it is possible that new mushrooms will grow once again. Growing magic mushrooms from a kit is a natural procedure. All kits are one-of-a-kind on their own. In order to grow your magic mushrooms, you need to obtain the lightning, temperature level, and also setting right. We give you with the overview as well as the kit. The remainder you have to fill in on your own. Our kits are made to expand with the expand bag we give.


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