York University Reinstates Pro-Israel Student Group After Intervention by The Lawfare Project

Yesterday, York University reversed course on its misguided decision to suspend Herut Zionism ("Herut"), a pro-Israel student group, after its peaceful event was stormed by an angry anti-Jewish mob. The Lawfare Project, RE-LAW LLP, and Toronto attorney Guidy Mamann demanded Herut be immediately reinstated. York University acquiesced and agreed to restore all Herut's rights and privileges as a campus group.

On November 20, Herut held an on-campus discussion forum on Zionism and the Arab-Israeli conflict from the perspective of Israeli reservists. The event was swarmed by an angry mob of anti-Israel protestors—instigated by members of Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA)—shouting antisemitic hate speech and violently trying to overrun the event. Following the event, both SAIA and Herut were suspended—both aggressor and victim.

Brooke Goldstein, Executive Director of The Lawfare Project, said the following:

"The only thing Herut is guilty of is trying to have a meaningful discourse about Judaism and Zionism on a college campus plagued by Jew-hating fanatics. While we strongly disagree with the initial suspension, we are pleased that the University has taken the right action now by restoring Herut's status on campus. Hopefully, this action marks the beginning of increased scrutiny of campus antisemitism."

Aaron Rosenberg, Co-Founder of RE-LAW LLP, said the following:

"We applaud the University's decision to reinstate Herut's privileges on campus. Colleges and universities must be institutions that foster the free exchange of ideas, even and especially between those who disagree. This ideal cannot be stifled by intimidation or threats of violence. Jewish and pro-Israel students have every right to express their beliefs about their own religion and heritage without fear and the University has a responsibility to protect those students from harm and harassment."


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