WireNews Corporate News, Press Releases, and Announcements - £29.99

Updated: 4 days ago

WireNews, founded in April 2001, today launched a new platform for Breaking News, Opinion, and Corporate News or Press Releases.

Beginning today, anyone can register with WireNews and publish Blog Posts, news or opinion, and companies can publish their press releases and corporate announcements for just £29.99 each. Some types of media are excluded, so please read the ToS, but for the most part, your media will be excepted.

These are the types of press releases that WILL NOT be accepted:

  • Pornographic media;

  • Bitcoin/Crypto-Currency (related)

  • Weapons and or ammunition;

  • Escort services;

  • Any illegal product or service; and

  • Any media deemed as “adult content”

Additionally, WireNews offers registered journalists an internationally recognized press card/credential. For more information visit PressCards.org.