What's Wrong With American Jewry?

Fifteen slates ran in the 2020 US Election for the 38th World Zionist Congress

by Bill White

Recently, the US election for the World Zionist Congress was facilitated by the American Zionist Movement, the US Zionist Federation in the World Zionist Organization.

The American Zionist Movement is comprised of 33 national Jewish Zionist organizations and works across a broad ideological, political and religious spectrum linking the American Jewish community together in support of Israel, Zionism, and the Jewish people.

Voting Results

Information on slates, candidates, and the election process can be seen here.

A total of 123,575 votes were cast by American Jews from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and US territories. This represented more than double the turnout of the prior vote (in 2015) and the highest number of ballots cast in a US WZC election in three decades.

So what happened?

Vote Reform, received the most votes (31,483) and are therefore awarded 39 of the available 152 seats; more than 25% of the vote. This group of Jews strives for a two-state solution in Israel. They seek to divide the Jewish state, not protect it. Further to that, this group's policies and practices are antithetical to the Torah and they seek to recognize and support all forms of Idolatry in Israel.

The suggestion that the Reform movement could possibly represent Zionism with any level of integrity; the Zionism, which is the creation and protection of a Jewish state, when they cannot themselves protect our Torah, is illogical.

The problem is that the American Zionist movement has been infiltrated by far too many JINOs (Jews in name only). They have taken control and now seek to destroy the Jewish state, if they are allowed to do so.


Bill White is CEO of WireNews


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