Waste Will be Used for the Construction of Highways

Ministry of Road Transport (GOI) has taken a step to use waste garbage for the construction of National Highways. This will not only reduce pollution from waste garbage also the problem of waste management in Delhi will be solved. In the future, you will not find mountains of garbage in Delhi.

The problem of waste is for years. No steps have been taken by existing and earlier governments. You will mountains of garbage in Okhla, Ghazipur, Jahangirpuri, etc. Which were earlier in the outer area of Delhi now in town after urbanization. Even a bank of Yamuna become a dumping area for waste and garbage in the local language called Khatta.

Due to the stench of this mountain of garbage, the lives of the people living around is very difficult. The Delhi government had sought 3 months to install the smog towers. 1 year completed but the smog towers were not installed. Supreme Court reprimanded the Delhi government twice.

According to Mr. Adesh Gupta President of Delhi Pradesh BJP by using waste in the construction of roads to overcome the problem of Delhi's waste and about 11,000 MT of material has been used to date.

By using waste and garbage for road construction, pollution problems in Delhi will be reduced. The citizen of Delhi will be able to breathe in the open air. The Efforts of the Ministry are appreciable.