US Embassy in Greece Involved in a Dirty Tricks Campaign

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

US Embassy Athens Greece

Dina Kousta, a security investigator attached to the US Embassy in Athens Greece, has been caught attempting what can only be described as a 'dirty tricks' campaign.

Nearly 10 years after the failed US extradition attempt of an American citizen from the United Kingdom to the United States, Kousta appears to be working behind the scenes trying to dig up dirt on Bill White, who has lived in the United Kingdom since July 1989.

Dina Kousta

Today, Kousta contacted members of White's family in Mykonos Greece under the guise of an innocent meeting, but the family runs fairly deep with White and both family members contacted him before speaking with the embassy official.

According to reports, Kousta claimed that she just wanted to meet to ask a few questions, but when she was pressed over the subject matter she claimed to not know and further claimed that the questions where on 'a piece of paper' that she didn't have to hand. Asked to send that piece of paper by email before the meeting, she clammed up.

When White reached out to Kousta by SMS she, or someone using the number she had given White's family, started to type and then thought better of it.


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