U.S.-Pakistan Women’s Council Advances Women’s Economic Empowerment at Houston Event

Today in Houston, Texas, the U.S.-Pakistan Women’s Council (USPWC) announced Karachi-based media company Hum News’ membership in the USPWC, highlighting its commitment to mentoring, fostering inclusive supply chains, and supporting dialogue to empower the next generation of women in Pakistan.  The event, co-hosted by the City of Houston and Texas A&M University, was attended by 100 U.S. and Pakistani leaders in the private sector, the Pakistani television and film industries, Pakistani diaspora, government, and civil society.  Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Pakistan Affairs Ervin Massinga and Founder of Hum News Sultana Siddiqui participated alongside Chris Olson, Director of the Mayor of Houston’s Office of Trade and International Affairs.  USPWC activities aim to advance women’s economic empowerment, an Administration priority.

The USPWC is a public-private partnership collaborating with U.S. and Pakistani businesses and organizations for women’s economic advancement in Pakistan; for more information, contact Radhika Prabhu, Executive Director, USPWC, PrabhuRG@state.gov.

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