Trial of COVID 19 Vaccine on 12 to 18 Years of Age Group Gaining Pace in India

Trail of COVID 19 vaccines on 12 t0 18 years of age group begin in Nagpur district of Maharashtra. 2nd trial dose will be administered after 28 days. Studies on side effects and antibody formation will be in the course of 6 months.

Similarly, Patna COVAXIN's first trial dose was administered to seven children of age group between 12 to 18 at AIIMS (Patna) on 6th June 2021. Before administering dose health screening of children is going on. Out of 21 children, 12 of them had developed sufficient antibodies.

In view of the possibility of 3rd wave of COVID 19, 4 locations were shortlisted by the Bharat Biotech across the country for a clinical trial.