Treasury Minister Visits Tees Valley

Treasury Minister visits Tees Valley to promote regional growth

The Exchequer Secretary, Simon Clarke MP, visits Tees Valley today (13 September 2019) to explore how the Treasury can ensure towns and cities across the country enjoy the opportunities ahead as the UK leaves the EU.

On the third stop of a nationwide tour, he will discuss ambitious plans to boost jobs and growth with Middlesbrough mayor, Andy Preston.

In last week’s Spending Round, the Chancellor Sajid Javid announced additional funding for the £3.6 billion Towns Fund, and Middlesbrough, Darlington, Redcar, Hartlepool and Thornaby have all been shortlisted to benefit.

Mr Clarke will also attend a roundtable on sustainable plastics, providing an opportunity for local business leaders to voice their ideas on the design of a world-leading plastic packaging tax and other ways to tackle plastic pollution and waste.

The minister will also tour a plastic recycling company to see how waste management can operate in practice. Tees Valley has a long standing plastics industry, and the government wants to see businesses like these leading the way in developing sustainable solutions to plastic waste.

Speaking ahead of the trip, the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, Simon Clarke, said:

We are committed to boost areas like my home region of Tees Valley, through huge investment for transport, businesses and jobs and by supporting the clean-up of the former SSI site.
I look forward to hearing innovative ideas on how to boost growth in the Tees Valley – as we look to the future with a new optimism, in part boosted by this potential multimillion pound investment from the Towns Fund.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston said:

Any money is great, especially a lot of money.
We’ve got big, bold plans to make great things happen here, and the Towns Fund will really help with that.

Mr Clarke is championing 45 places across the Northern Powerhouse, which could now benefit from the government’s commitment to level up all regions by boosting productivity, skills and living standards.

Since 2015, Tees Valley has been benefitting from £450 million of additional government funding from its devolution deal. In addition to £75.5 million from the Transforming Cities Fund to boost transport across the region.