Tonga’s National Day

Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State

On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, I congratulate the Kingdom of Tonga as you celebrate your 144th National Day this year on November 4, 2019.

The United States and Tonga have a long friendship based on strong people-to-people ties, common values, and a shared commitment to building and safeguarding free and open trade, communities, and cultural exchange between us and our friends and partners throughout the Indo-Pacific region.  Our enduring friendship, founded on these principles, is manifested through programs such as the Peace Corps, which is entering its second half-century of continuous operations in Tonga.

As with the Peace Corps, the State Partnership with the Nevada National Guard continues to foster strong bonds of friendship between the United States and Tonga.  We have partnered with Tonga on law, immigration, and customs enforcement training, and we share an interest in combatting the spread of illicit narcotics.

As a close friend and partner, the United States congratulates you on Tonga’s National Day and wishes you success as you celebrate this special day.