Third Future Accommodation Model (FAM) Pilot Takes Off in RAF Wittering

The FAM pilot is now live across all three services after the third FAM pilot site launched at RAF Wittering

FAM is a new accommodation policy that gives more choice to service personnel over where, how and with whom they live.

Under FAM, service personnel as well as their partners, spouses, and families can take the opportunity to choose to live in a way that better suits their needs and lifestyle, with help from the MOD.

Chief of Staff Personnel and Air Secretary, Air Vice-Marshal Maria Byford QHD:

The way our people live and work is changing and our accommodation provision needs to reflect this, giving more choice to Service personnel and their families. FAM aims to better support the workforce of the future irrespective of their relationship status or rank, letting our people choose where, how and with whom they want to live their lives.
The launch of the pilot at RAF Wittering will give us the opportunity to understand how we might do that best, listening to the feedback from our service personnel and their families to shape an accommodation offer that is fit for purpose.

Through the pilot, service personnel can get financial help to either make use of the private rental sector or buy a property of their own. The existing options of Single Living Accommodation or Service Family Accommodation are also still available.

The tri-service initiative has previously successfully launched pilot sites at Aldershot Garrison in early 2020 and at HMNB Clyde in 2019.

The pilot will run for around 3 years. FAM leads will test the policy and work closely with service personnel to see how they respond. A decision will then be made about whether to expand FAM and roll it out to the rest of the UK over the following decade.

Find out more on the FAM GOV.UK page.