The Ashley Foundation Under Review by Co-Op

As reported by WireNews and others, Lee Dribbin, the former 'CEO' of The Ashley Foundation, based in Blackpool, and the charity's Trustees are being investigated by the Charity Commission.

WireNews has been reporting for nearly five years about Dribben's questionable involvement in the charity, including accusations of racism, warnings about his executive role in the charity, without being a Director in accordance with Companies Act and the worrying willingness of numerous Trustees, who collectively bowed to his authority in all financial matters.

After being contacted by WireNews the Co-Op wrote back to say that they were reviewing the charity to determine if they would suspend their support. John, who is with the Co-Op Customer Service Team confirmed:

"I've passed full details of your email to our Community Team, so that they can decide whether or not the Co-op should suspend our support of this charity."

As early as 2016 and then again in 2017 and 2018, warnings were sent to both the Commissioner for Charities and the Registrar for Companies regarding the obvious illegal behaviour of Lee Dribben. These warnings were ignored.

Dribben, who was described as the 'CEO' of The Ashley Foundation was never a Director for the charity but he operated the company as his own personal piggy bank and exerted considerable control and influence over the Trustees, who openly admitted within the company's accounts that they could not make a move without him.

Despite repeated warnings, the two regulatory bodies declined to act for more than 4 years, while Dribben was able to syphon off money paid by Local and Area Councils, intended to benefit the homeless.


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