Targeted Leaflet, Brochure and Catalogue Delivery

Blue & White Couriers offers targeted delivery of promotional materials

Are you still paying to have your marketing materials delivered to empty houses and offices? Traditional leaflet delivery consists of blanketing an area with your leaflets and landlords, agents and tenants regularly scoop those up and throw them in the bin.

Maybe it's time to rethink that strategy.

Blue & White Couriers Limited will deliver your leaflets, brochures and catalogues or other marketing materials to its existing customers for only £48 per thousand, with a maximum of three items per delivery. Targeted delivery of your media is your best chance to convert marketing into sales.

Targeting your promotional materials, Blue & White Couriers will hand your marketing materials directly to the company's customer when they deliver parcels or packages. The company delivers thousands of parcels every week. Your media will not be left on a doorstep or dropped through the mailslot; it will be handed to your potential customer.

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