SpudsToGo ® Offers Licenses to Existing Fast Food Outlets

Updated: Aug 10

SpudsToGo, founded in 2005, is currently offering operational License opportunities for existing fast food outlets. The company's License System provides a superb tool to increase jacket/baked potato sales within an existing location. Multi-Site licenses are possible subject to status.

Licenses are granted on an annual basis in exchange for £799.99 (including VAT) with no other royalties or contributions. There are no royalties to pay; no advertising contributions; no other costs whatsoever. You may need to get a potato oven, packaging for take-away, and you may want some basic marketing tools like branded napkins, balloons, t-shirts, hats, aprons, etc., but these are optional.

So the quickest and easiest way to open a SpudsToGo Store is to purchase a License for your existing location. If you currently offer jacket/baked potatoes you will generate increased sales by offering a Branded product; a name that people recognise. SpudsToGo is that Brand. Our market research has determined that people believe they know SpudsToGo even before they have purchased our products; such is the strength of our Brand.

Founded in 2005 in New York City, SpudsToGo arrived in the United Kingdom in January 2006 and quickly established the Brand by opening two shops in Scotland and licensing its name to companies in England, Wales and South Africa. Since then the company, SpudsToGo Limited, changed hands and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bill White Limited, a venture capital firm based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

SpudsToGo: The Brand You Already Know ™.

SpudsToGo ® is a registered trademark.

For more information about SpudsToGo visit https://spudstogo.com.

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