Someone May Dupe You by a Fake Marriage Proposal

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Someone may approach you with a lavish marriage proposal. While accepting such a proposal be aware you may be a victim of fraud. The team from Ashok Vihar Police Station in Delhi arrested one fraudster involved in cheating by giving fake advertisements in matrimonial sites

Anchit Chawla met the victim through the matrimonial site in the pretext of marriage. Himself as Mudit Chawla, owner of the bedsheet manufacturing factory and posing also in the business of rental of luxury cars. Lured the victim by showing luxury life. Accused duped the victim 17 lakh rupees. Now the accused is in custody and investigation is going on.

A similar case was registered in the Mehrauli police station in South Delhi on March 3rd this year. The complainant is Nursing Officer in AIIMS. She was duped Rs 34 lakh on the pretext of marriage by one Mohammad Sadik Imran. Was nabbed from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. Both were befriended on Facebook in 2018.

Two separate cyber-fraud incidents also noticed last year in Mumbai, a 38-year-old woman working as an assistant manager in a private company, and a homemaker fell for a trap on Facebook and lost Rs 5 lakh and Rs 70,000 respectively. Both the case is registered at Vile Parley police station.

Before, accepting such a matrimonial proposal some extra homework required. Websites only provide a limited source of information about persons. Above all, one should be wise enough to choose her/his life partner. Intelligence alone will not be helpful.