Sex-Depraved Pinkerton Academy Teacher Protected by School Administrators

Updated: Mar 3

Despite having a legal obligation to protect its students from dangerous staff, Pinkerton Academy Administrators protected Diane E. Foster, now calling herself Diane E. Kanady, by turning a blind eye to her illegal behaviour and then shockingly offering her a deal to keep her crimes a secret.

WireNews is continuing with a series of articles that seek to draw public attention to the unlawful behaviour of Pinkerton Administrators.

Pinkerton Academy Headmaster Timothy Powers, who is accused of harassment against a disabled female student, is being asked to formally respond to the facts that his predecessors brokered a deal with Foster, who sexually molested an underage student.

Pinkerton Academy also provided her with a favourable recommendation that made it possible for her to secure a high-paying post in the training department with Digital Equipment Corporation.


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