QR Code Based Quick Response System by The Cops of Delhi

For modernization of the policing system, the police of national capital Delhi had taken three digital initiatives QR Code based quick response system, added some more initiative to make Delhi Police Website more user-friendly and easy to access and system-based duty deployment system known as Anubhuti and E-Chittha.

According to Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana, these three initiatives have added a new dimension in digitization and modernization of the Delhi Police. The maximum utilization of technology to improve service delivery systems and ensure the safety & security of people is essential in a challenging environment.

Anubhuti Feedback Management System is a paperless feedback system. The citizens visiting the police station have to scan the QR code of the police station and mark the feedback responses. The response database will be utilized to analyze and take corrective steps for improvement in the police-public interface. In the entire process identity of the user not be disclosed.

Similarly merging PCR into districts has resulted in the availability of more manpower and patrol vehicles at beat and Police stations. For the optimal use of resources and manpower, the need for a digital duty roster was emphasized. Further, separation of law & order and investigation at all police stations had also necessitated equal distribution of work to bring about the desired results. E-Chittha has been operative in all 178 territorial police stations

Delhi Police has set an example by introducing these digital initiatives and other forces will emulate Delhi Police in the coming days.