Publish Your Company's Press Releases - £29.99

Updated: May 31

WireNews re-launches press release distribution tool

Founded in April 2001, WireNews has re-launched and has taken the opportunity to offer business owners corporate press release distribution for corporate news and announcements.

Broadly speaking, WireNews publishes breaking news, opinion from noted journalists, and personal blogs. Now, business owners can publish their press releases. These include company announcements, important corporate news, and generally, press releases, which can now be posted to WireNews for just £29.99 each (including VAT where applicable).

Certain types of media are prohibited or require payment and these include:

  • Pornographic media;

  • Bitcoin/Crypto-Currency (related)

  • Weapons and or ammunition;

  • Escort services;

  • Any illegal product or service; and

  • Any media deemed as “adult content”;

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Additionally, WireNews offers registered journalists an internationally recognized press card/credential. For more information visit