Promoting Accountability for Human Rights Abusers in Guatemala

Morgan Ortagus, Department Spokesperson

On January 29, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) removed Francisco Cuxum Alvarado to his home country of Guatemala, where he faces charges related to human rights abuses committed during Guatemala’s civil war.  As a member of the Civil Patrol, Mr. Cuxum Alvarado is accused of participating in the mass sexual assault of indigenous women in the early 1980s and in the massacre of 70 women and 107 children on March 13, 1982, in Baja Verapaz, Guatemala.

The United States strongly promotes accountability for human rights violations and abuses, no matter where or when they occur.  We support the Guatemalan government in its efforts to hold perpetrators of human rights abuses accountable and to uphold respect for rule of law, transparency, and an independent judiciary.

Respecting the human rights of all persons, promoting accountability for abusers, and providing justice for victims by ending impunity are crucial to securing stability and lasting peace for the Guatemalan people.