Pinkerton Academy's Lawyer Contacts Sexual Abuse Victim

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

by Bill White

Benjamin Folsom, on behalf of McLane Middleton a law firm located in Manchester, NH has reached out to the victim a historical sexual abuse claim.

As a result of WireNews' focused attention on the facts associated with the depraved behaviour of a former Pinkerton Academy teacher, Diane E. Foster (now calling herself Diane E. Kanady), Folsom wrote on behalf of Pinkerton Academy to me. I was sexually abused while I was an underaged student at Pinkerton Academy.

Benjamin Folsom

Folsom demanded the removal of all of the WireNews articles.

Instead of attempting to resolve the matter, Folsom made further attacks against the victim and threatened me because my company has established a Victim Telephone Line with a local Derry, NH number.

Diane E. Foster was an "IT" or Data Processing teacher at Pinkerton Academy, located in Derry, NH. Foster likes to have people call her "Debbie" (a name derived from the initials from her birth name, Diane E. Burrell), molested me while I was an underage student in the late '70s. At the time, Debbie was married to Jeff Foster.

Debbie encouraged me to join her on a skiing trip to Bretton Woods ski resort under the guise that the outing would be a school function with a number of other students coming along. She even told my parents that the short day-trip was a school function, but half-way to the popular winter retreat my married 'IT' teacher revealed to me that the others "couldn’t make it, but that she and I would enjoy ourselves all the same".

Once at Bretton Woods, Debbie arranged for a hotel room, while I waited in her Honda Accord. She explained that it would be "better" if I waited outside and not understanding anything at all, I naturally complied with her request. After we settled in the room, she telephoned my parents and told them that foul weather had crept in and that we would have to stay the night... then sitting on the edge of the double bed, she forced me to perform numerous sex acts with her. Before the kissing. Before the traditional closeness that one might hope to experience, my introduction to sexual relations was having my head forced between this depraved woman's legs. It was a long night of being told what and how to do what she wanted me to do. At that time, I was completely innocent.

Matters grew from bad to worse when my parents threw me out of the family home upon my return the next day after they expressed their unwillingness to accept that I (and Debbie) hadn’t been lying all along about the trip. My parents actually thought that I had planned the whole thing!

After being told to leave my home with nothing more than the clothes on my back, I called Debbie from a friend’s house and she quickly collected me from the side of the road, not far from my house and she took me back to her own home where she bedded me again later that night with her husband sleeping in the next room. Unsurprisingly the next morning both Debbie and I were asked to leave the house by her husband, who worked for a tape manufacturer in Nashua, NH. I remember standing at the kitchen window, watching him chop wood outside, with Debbie next to me and then she pulled me out of sight of the window and was all over me again.

Some of the New Hampshire readers will remember "Farmhouse Furniture", run by Bill Morse. Debbie took me there and arranged for me to live and work for him for several months. There was an apartment above the furniture store that Debbie used as a "safe place", where she visited me each night to satisfy her sexual desires.

Not long after that, she was asked to leave her position at Pinkerton Academy. However, with a favourable recommendation, secretly provided Pinkerton Academy Administrators, Debbie quickly started working for Digital Equipment Corporation in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Eventually, she divorced her husband and then she bought a house nearby where we both lived for a couple of years until I broke free of her clutches.


Bill White is CEO of WireNews


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