Pinkerton Academy Headmaster Timothy Powers Accused of Harassment

Historical Molestation Claim: Pinkerton Academy Gave Depraved Teacher Favorable Recommendation in 'Secret Deal' (see below)

Current Headmaster Timothy Powers

According to a claim filed in the United States District Court for New Hampshire, Timothy Powers, Pinkerton Academy's current Headmaster, in April 2015 and while he was the Athletic Director at Pinkerton Academy 'watched Elizabeth [Tveter] during her tennis matches and followed her as she changed courts. Powers approached Elizabeth after one practice, brushed his shoulder against hers, and followed her as she ran from him. On another occasion, Powers physically bumped into Elizabeth at a school ice cream social. In July 2016, Powers stood outside a classroom where Elizabeth was receiving tutoring and stared at her.'

Former Headmaster Griffin Morse

Shortly after Holly Tveter, Elizabeth's mother, filed a discrimination complaint, Pinkerton's then Headmaster, Griffin Morse is alleged to have retaliated against the Tveters by informing officials at the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) that Elizabeth was in danger because Holly had not been taking her to the doctor to treat her head injury. On April 4, 2015, DCYF investigated the Tveters and found no wrongdoing.

Griffin Morse subsequently resigned as Headmaster and now operates as an 'Educational Consultant' in Miami, Florida according to his LinkedIn profile.

After Morse left, Athletic Director Powers was made Headmaster of Pinkerton Academy despite the serious allegations that had been levelled against him (reference: Tveter v. Derry Coop. Sch. Dist. SAU #10 - Claim 16-cv-329-PB).

Foster Sexual Molestation

Against the backdrop of these allegations, Julia Mitchell, Director of Communications at Pinkerton Academy wrote: " we would like to be sure this matter is addressed," referring to grooming and sexual exploitation of an underage student by Diane E. Foster, who was a teacher at Pinkerton Academy.

Given that the previous Administrators of Pinkerton Academy, made a secret deal with Foster, providing her with a favourable recommendation so that she could leave the school and obtain employment with Digital Equipment Corporation and the current Administrator is accused of harassment, Mitchell's assertion must fall flat.

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