Pinkerton Academy Administrators Conspired With Child Abuser to Cover-Up Sex-Scandal

As reported by WireNews in October 2019, a Pinkerton Academy teacher stands accused of grooming an underage student and encouraging a long-running sexual relationship, was offered a secret deal to leave the school.

Pinkerton Academy, located in Derry, NH, employed Diane E. Foster as she was known then (nee Burrell, and now Diane E. Kanady) throughout the late ’70s. Known as "Debbie" or "Deb", Foster was married to Jeffery Foster, who worked at a tape company in Nashua, NH, when she took a shine to one of her underage students. The moniker "Deb" derives from the initials from her birth name.

Still married, the sex-starved Foster, initiated a sexual relationship with the student, taking him to Bretton Woods ski resort, and then after he was thrown out of his home after the revelation, she kept the student at an apartment she procured through a local businessman, Bill Morse, as a 'safe place' where she could satisfy her daily sexual needs. Once Foster had divorced her husband she bought a house, where she moved the still underage student and where they lived together for nearly two years until he broke free from her clutches.

Once the teacher's behaviour was discovered, Pinkerton Academy administrators brokered a deal with Foster and Pinkerton Academy provided her with a favourable reference that made it possible for the depraved Data Processing teacher to obtain a high-paying training job with Digital Equipment Corporation located in Merrimack, NH.

Pinkerton Academy was contacted directly by the student who had been molested by their teacher for comment. Julia Mitchell, Director of Communications, wrote: "As you can imagine, the administration has completely changed over in the time since you graduated. The teacher you mention hasn't been a member of our faculty since 1979. That said, we would like to be sure this matter is addressed."

Despite this reply, Pinkerton Academy has the school's lawyer, Benjamin Folsom, has ignored all attempts to resolve the historic abuse claim.

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