Pinkerton Academy Administrators 'Acted Illegally' When They Brokered a Deal With Depraved Teacher

Updated: Mar 3

Pinkerton Academy Headmaster Timothy Powers, who is accused of harassment against a disabled female student, is being asked to formally respond to the facts that his predecessors brokered a deal with Diane E. Foster, now known as Diane E. Kanady, who sexually molested an underage student.

In a continuation of a series of articles published by WireNews, the facts of the claim have been made public and Powers said through Pinkerton's Communications Director, Julia Mitchell, that he would 'like to be sure this matter is addressed', but has thus far failed to reply formally.

Although a historical claim, the actions of Powers' predecessors acted illegally. failing to acknowledge Foster's depraved and criminal behaviour and in doing so the former Headmaster and subsequent Administrators have equally failed to hold Foster accountable for the damage she caused.

Instead, Pinkerton Academy brokered a deal with Foster and provided her with a favourable recommendation that made it possible for her to secure a high-paying post in the training department with Digital Equipment Corporation.


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