Opinion: A Most Humane Immigration Policy

Updated: Sep 24

by Bill White

Whether you're in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, or any one of the European countries, the subject of illegal immigration should be paramount to your concerns. If you're a taxpayer, then, you're paying for your country's destruction.

For thousands of years, countries have existed because the leaders of those countries were able to protect the country's borders, prevent unwanted visitors as a means of protecting a nation's natural and cultural resources, and establish and protect the integrity of their country's sovereignty. Most nations declare the protection of their citizens as principal among their obligations and many make that responsibility a primary condition of their founding documents.

And it cannot be overstated that without protected borders, without rules for the peaceful and regulated entry of visitors and those wishing to remain, a country would cease to exist.

Currently, many countries, including the UK and the USA guarantee full legal rights to those people who begin their journey by violating the laws of the country, and the taxpayers of those countries are compelled to pay for the unlawful behaviour of any number of people who simply decide they would prefer to live there. Those who support this illegal behaviour do so by focusing on a minuscule number of people globally who require protection from a rogue government. The vast majority of unlawful entries are merely people seeking a better financial existence for themselves or their families and while that desire is natural and should be encouraged, it must never be achieved at the expense of the citizenry of a country.

I propose a most humane immigration policy. I believe that it is more humane to deny entry in the first instance and to require those who unlawfully enter a country to retrace their steps immediately, without the benefit of taxpayer-funded housing, legal aid, access to taxpayer-funded courts, etc.

It would not take very long for word to spread of this policy that would immediately put a stop to the majority of human trafficking. In the case of the UK, such a policy would immediately expose the leaders of France and other countries, and their culpability in the trafficking of humans, including the border officials who turn a blind eye to regular boatloads of people who launch themselves toward our shores. When those boats start returning to France you would quickly see that they can defend their borders very well indeed.

That said, such a policy would require fresh legislation in the UK to prohibit anyone entering the UK illegally from having access to legal recourse and other processes, which should be reserved for British citizens and those people who have entered the country through legal means. This need for fresh legislation would instantly expose those MPs in Parliament who support open borders, who do not protect the rights of British citizens, and who want to destroy the nation, at any cost. The same principle applies to the USA or any other nation that does not currently protect its borders.

It is inhumane to allow, and in most cases, encourage human trafficking. It is inhumane to force citizens, who are already suffering from inflation and economic hardships to pay the growing costs of illegal immigration under the guise of human rights.


Bill White is CEO of WireNews. Find him everywhere @realBillWhite.