NHS Reveals Private Company, Influencer Liability for Coronavirus Vaccine Encouragement

In a recent Op-Ed for WireNews, Holding Media Companies Liable for 'Vaccine Cheerleading',

Bill White wrote about the potential liability that media companies and their high-profile employees risk when they use their celebrity to influence people to get vaccinated.

In response to questions put to the NHS Resolution team, Nick Rigg, NHS Corporate Communications Lead wrote:

"I can confirm that the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Coronavirus, which NHS Resolution manages on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care, does not extend to media companies or others influencing people to get vaccinated. It covers the clinical negligence risks of providers in England, in certain circumstances, where no other indemnity or insurance is in force."

In cases where it can be proven that the person who suffered an adverse reaction relied upon the recommendation of the private influencer, a case may be made and a claim of undue influence against the media company and its high-profile celebrity could be brought.