New Services Launched for Complex Commercial Transactions and Infrastructure Developments

We’re making it quicker and simpler for customers managing complex commercial transactions, or infrastructure developments to do business with us

In response to customer feedback, we have launched 2 new services today (4 November 2019) that make it easier for customers to register complex and interdependent transactions.

The launch follows 2 successful pilots, which began in June 2018 with 11 customers. By working with some of our customers we have been able to deliver services that provide greater certainty on how to approach complex transactions. This builds in consistency and provides customers with a simpler experience that enhances efficiency. It further demonstrates our ongoing commitment of listening to customers to deliver the improvements and innovation they want.

Pre-submission Enquiry Service

The Pre-submission Enquiry Service provides those managing complex commercial projects with technical and procedural guidance, prior to an application being submitted. By providing customers with direct access to a team of expert caseworkers we can address potential issues before applications are submitted. This should avoid unnecessary requests for information (requisitions), which often emerge later in the process.

Application Management Service

Our Application Management Service gives customers end-to-end assistance, from the initial discussion prior to lodgment, through to post-completion support. With applications managed and coordinated in one location, customers can have confidence that their applications will be handled consistently.

Chris Pope, Chief Operations Officer said:

We are working to fulfil our Business Strategy commitment to help customers who manage large complex commercial transactions or infrastructure developments. These customers often handle multi-layered transactions, which can be complicated by priority issues and have several firms representing different parties.
We want to continue to create efficiencies that improve the conveyancing process for everyone. By listening to customers and capitalising on our caseworkers expertise, we are delivering services that meet market needs.

Closer working between customers and caseworkers has already resulted in application quality improvements. Mills & Reeve LLP who used our Application Management Service during the pilot, had been experiencing difficulties registering complex applications that contained large-sized plans. They told us:

You managed to achieve, in less than 1 month, what we’ve been trying to get done for over 4 years! Having one person to work with throughout who understood what we were doing was invaluable.

We will continue to develop products and services that make it easier for customers to do business with us, by working with customers and stakeholders to find out first-hand how we can meet their needs.

For more information about these services, visit Submit complex commercial or infrastructure development enquiries and transactions to HM Land Registry.