Midday Rant - WHO Do You Trust?

by Bill White


I suspect that some of you may not even know who or what the “WHO” is…

Well, the World Health Organization (or the WHO) is one of the many United Nations agencies, and this one was created in July 1946, which according to its own statement “… connects nations, partners and people to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable – so everyone, everywhere can attain the highest level of health”.

During the recent pandemic, in March 2021, 24 elected officials and one unelected employee (of the WHO), including the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the leaders of Fiji, Romania, Greece, Spain, Germany, France, Albania and let’s not forget Ukraine, among others, got together and published a joint article in several newspapers, calling for a more joined-up approach to pandemics in the future.

What followed was a proposal for what these leaders called the WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty. At the end of November, the WHO’s World Health Assembly met in a special session to discuss the proposal and to map out the way forward.

Most of you will be aware that the United Kingdom only recently extricated the country from the European Union, so it is puzzling, at best, why Boris Johnson would entertain, much less have initiated the process of such a Treaty. A Treaty that will, for all intents and purposes, make whatever the WHO decides “for our health” compulsory and very likely legally binding upon the country and its citizens.

And while negotiations on the precise wording of the Treaty are still progressing under the direction of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body at the WHO, the initial meeting did not support a widespread public consultation.

The first meeting took place in April 2022 but invited only limited submissions from “stakeholders” and the general public in response to a guiding question of “What substantive elements do you think should be included in a new international instrument on pandemic preparedness and response?”

In other words, the impression was one of a foregone conclusion that such a Treaty would be agreed. Following that, less than two weeks was allowed for written submissions from the public. The second meeting is due to take place next month, in June.

And you can expect that regardless of mounting public objection, a Treaty will be agreed and proponents of the initiative, including the UK, EU, and others have supported a legally binding treaty, with the EU suggesting that the final “international instrument” would also be binding in international law. So, the UK left the overbearing control of the European Community to submit to the control of the World Health Organization.

We have all witnessed that the one-size-fits-all approach for pandemics, does not work. And yet these people, including Boris Johnson, seem willing to surrender the sovereignty and independence of our nations to a group of unelected bureaucrats, in Switzerland.

Somehow, the WHO has positioned itself from “promoting health”, to dictating to us how we will live, what we can do, and when we can do it.

And at this stage, I am not entirely sure what can be done to prevent this WHO Treaty from becoming law. But once law, I’m confident there will be very few places in the world where we can be safe from its influence.

What do I know is that this type of non-government, government overreach is not consistent with any “democracy” I have ever seen, but what I’m seeing does compare to the totalitarian behaviour of every dictatorship and Communist government throughout history.

WHO do you trust? I, for one, trust no one. Least of all the WHO or our current elected officials, who are literally selling us out to a group of unelected bureaucrats.