Midday Rant - Men Can Slap Women Now?

by Bill White


I’m old enough to remember when a man NEVER hit a woman. EVER. When I was growing up my father would tell me over and over again that ‘there was no reason, ever to hit a girl’ and he did this all the while knowing that there were and would be dozens of reasons, but that you just NEVER did, ever.

Comedian Bill Burr said it best when he reminded us that ‘there is no reason to hit a woman’, despite being able to give us ‘like 17 right off the top of his head’ because ‘there are plenty of reasons to hit a woman, you just don’t do it’.

So, I was surprised to hear Leftists, who until quite recently used to defend woman’s rights, what with the Me-Too. Movement, glass ceilings in the workplace and not very long ago, a woman’s right to vote, but today, Leftists are supporting a guy’s right to slap a woman who called him a name.

Now, I’ve left out most of the facts because remember, I was always taught that there’s no reason to hit a woman, but for anyone who needs to know if she deserved it, let me fill in some of the colours.

A few days ago, in front of an auditorium full of students at Locust Grove High School in Henry County Georgia, in the United States (where else?) this guy hauled off and slapped a woman and the event was captured on film so there’s no disputing what happened. The woman was white, which is the most important part of the story, and the guy was, you guessed it, black.

The girl had called him a name. She had uttered that word that only black people can use and they use it all the time. This word is so dangerous to the ears of black people that it must be referred to by a single letter; an “N” and cannot be uttered by anyone, unless they’re black. When this black male student heard the offending word and checked to see that the girl wasn’t black, he apparently suffered an injury so grievous that he was forced to ‘defend’ himself and so he marched toward the girl, who was a distance from him when the verbal ‘assault’ took place and he struck her across the face.

Okay, so fast forward and school officials naturally (but it would appear they acted in error, by all accounts) well, they excluded ‘the victim’, the black man from class while they permitted ‘the attacker’, the white girl to attend classes and this outraged many students and others and this outrage caused a school walk-out, with many people saying that punishment for the male, who actually struct the woman and no punishment for the woman, who had after all called the male a name which may not be uttered by a white person and so this behaviour was simply unacceptable.

I ask you since when is free speech permitted? Since when has it been the case that a man can’t slap a woman if he hears her use harsh words or worse, the dreaded “N” word? I mean, it’s only right, right? I guess today, it’s okay for a man to strike a woman.

Well, thank G-D for that.