Midday Rant - Government Spending is Out of Control

by Bill White


Ask yourself… How much is too much!?

Does everyone within the sound of my voice think that when we started electing the most popular people, instead of the most qualified person to rule a nation that it meant these people could tax us without limit and then spend MORE money than they collect?

When is the last time that any government, anywhere, checked with the taxpayers before they ran up more debt in our names than could ever possibly be repaid?

Do you agree with government sending billions of pounds [or dollars, whatever] worth of military equipment off to other countries that we literally spent years trying to distance ourselves from? Taxpayers paid for the equipment or more accurately are still paying for it and so shouldn’t we collectively get a say when our property is shipped off to our ‘neighbour’, nearly 2,000 miles away?

I want to know... Do you seriously think any of the money politicians spend on their pet projects is their money? When government announces its latest spending spree don’t you ask yourself ‘when will it end?’

We’ve just been through more than two years of GLOBAL out of control spending, while at the same time governments shut down nearly every business and prohibited people from working and to add insult to injury, our leaders paid people money to stay home, money they didn’t have and which we will have to repay.

We can obviously debate whether or not anything that government did during the recent pandemic made a positive contribution to the health of a nation, and I would argue that what they did actually caused more deaths than it saved, but what we know for damned sure is that those in charge have destroyed the economies of a majority of the countries on earth.

‘Am I the only one that thinks it’s time for an intervention?