MDP Superintendent Trevor Clark Awarded Queen’s Police Medal

MDP’s Force Firearms Officer, Superintendent Trevor Clark, has been awarded the Queen’s Police Medal for distinguished service in the delayed 2020 Birthday Honours, announced on Saturday 10 October 2020

Superintendent Trevor Clark Queen’s Police Medal. Photo by Paul Kemp, Crown Copyright
Superintendent Trevor Clark Queen’s Police Medal. Photo by Paul Kemp, Crown Copyright

Trevor has been a police officer for over 35 years and was appointed as an MDP Superintendent in 2017, with responsibility for firearms capability development and training.

Before joining MDP, Trevor served for 32 years in the Metropolitan Police Service, with over 2 decades of continuous service in the force firearms unit as an operational Authorised Firearms Officer, firearms commander and Instructor.

He remains one of a small number of officers nationally who have served in these disciplines in all ranks to Chief Inspector. He has been commended many times for his involvement in operational deployments, the delivery of firearms officer training and the development of national armed capabilities.

Commenting on his award, Trevor said:

I am extremely honoured but also quite stunned to receive this award. I can only thank colleagues who deemed me worthy of nomination and acknowledge the many fantastic people I have worked with over the years and continue to work with today.

Chief Constable Andy Adams said:

I’m delighted to see Trevor recognised for the contribution he has made to policing over three decades. He is one of the most influential police leaders of his generation, particularly when it comes to police use of firearms.
Trevor has been involved in the delivery of many high-profile operations and he has assisted in a range of developments in that area of policing, which have benefitted the service as a whole. He has also been directly involved in training and developing many colleagues, so that they can deliver their roles safely and lawfully.
His contribution on the national stage and at a Force level, with us and the Metropolitan Police Service, has been outstanding and I know I speak for everyone in the Ministry of Defence Police as I congratulate Trevor and encourage him to savour the recognition he justly deserves.