Mayside TV to Launch Midday Rant ™

Mayside TV Limited, a subsidiary of Mayside Partners Limited, the Scottish-based venture capital firm that owns WireNews has today announced that it will launch the daily opinion vlog of Bill White, CEO of Mayside Group.

Midday Rant ™ will see the return of White's 'OfficialRant' podcast, which he established in 2001, when he founded OfficialWire, the predecessor of WireNews.

Back in 2001, before vlogs were a thing, White simply uploaded a daily 'rant' to OfficialWire, which was widely received. After the sale of OfficialWire, White busied himself with other projects, and his daily take on what was catching his attention slipped to the wayside.

With the relaunch of the project, White hopes to kickstart his plans to develop Mayside TV. Episodes will be posted to Mayside TV's YouTube channel and to WireNews and will be found at #middayrant @maysidetv