Magnox Ltd Becomes a Subsidiary of the NDA

Magnox Ltd has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) after ownership transferred from the Parent Body Organisation, Cavendish Fluor Partnership

Magnox Ltd
Magnox Ltd

This follows the announcement made in July 2018 and marks a new approach to managing the UK’s 13 Magnox sites - 10 former Magnox nuclear power stations, two nuclear research sites and a hydroelectric plant.

Magnox becoming a NDA subsidiary follows a similar change made at Sellafield in 2016, where the new model is facilitating progress and providing increased value for money for the taxpayer.

NDA Chief Executive, David Peattie, said:

Today is an important day for Magnox and the NDA as we continue to find more effective and efficient ways of managing nuclear site clean-up and decommissioning.
We’ve secured a very strong executive team, led by Gwen Parry-Jones, to drive progress and success across the Magnox sites.

Gwen Parry-Jones OBE, Magnox’s new CEO, said:

This is a very exciting time for Magnox. We have some fantastic talented people and being an NDA subsidiary gives us more opportunities to work closely as part of the NDA group, share ideas and take a more flexible approach to decommissioning the UK’s first generation of nuclear power stations.