JCDecaux Group Cries 'Flyposting' to Deflect Responsibility in Anti-Semitic Ads

Israel has been under rocket attack for many years by Hamas, funded by Iran and propagandised by the Liberal media, but recently; over the last week, the attacks have increased in intensity.

Yesterday, the Israeli Defense Forces (#IDF) published a video (Islamic Jihad: 45 Hours Under Fire) that attempts to push back on the FakeNews about what is really happening.

Despite this, those who continue to lie about what is really happening in #Gaza and Israel have published another false advertisement in London and other locations (see image Left).

These advertisements have a spooky way of always finding their way onto the hoardings of one particular company's ad-property.

JCDecaux Group, the world's largest Out-of-Home advertising company, that operates in over 80 countries and is the number one outdoor advertising company with more than 1 million advertising panels, denies being behind the offensive, false statements, despite the fact that these posters regularly appear on their hoardings and outdoor ad locations.

WireNews reached out to JCDecaux Group and asked the company's representative why this anti-Semitic propaganda always seems to be promoted through their company's ad-locations.

Agathe Albertini
Agathe Albertini

Agathe Albertini, Director of Communications for JCDecaux said:

"Please be assured that this is flyposting and not advertising and we take this kind of activity very seriously. Our teams respond quickly to repost any activity of this kind and are keeping a close eye on the rest of our bus shelter advertising sites. We will be reporting this flyposting to the police."

So, the world's largest outdoor advertising company admits that it is unable to prevent people from breaking into their hoardings and publicising whatever message they want to advertise. That said, even a cursory inspection of the site above proves that the ad-unit was not broken into and that the lock is functioning properly. That would mean that the offending party has a key.