It's Booksy, Not Fort Knox


Booksy, a booking system for people looking to schedule appointments for health & beauty services, will not allow users to change their email address unless they still retain control over the 'old' email address. Let that sink in.

So you've decided for whatever reason to change your email address. Maybe you've changed jobs, left university or maybe you're like most people in the world you've simply decided to change your email address.

Don't expect to be able to change your email address with Booksy, unless you still have access to the old email address. Don't expect anyone at Booksy to help you with that, either.

When you login to your Booksy account, using either the web interface or the company's App, and then navigate to the Account section where you can edit your details including email address, mobile number, etc., unlike nearly every website in the world, when you enter a new email address, Booksy sends an email verification to the old address. Entering the username and password in seems is not sufficient for purposes to demonstrate that you're the account holder, for Booksy.

So what are the options?

  • Continue to use your account and never get email confirmations, reminders, etc, for appointments

  • Stay with your old job

  • Remain at university

  • Don't change your email address

  • Close your Booksy account (but wait, without access to the old email address, Booksy won't close your account either!)

  • Create a new account

Booksy customer service offered no reason why no one had ever thought about the obvious problem created by its ridiculous policy and processes.