International Anti-Corruption Day: Working With Guatemala to Improve Public Infrastructure

Strategic partners come together to highlight the importance of transparency in infrastructure development to generate prosperity in Guatemala

International Anti-Corruption Day has been observed annually, on 9 December, since the passage of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption on 31 October 2003, 16 years ago, to raise public awareness for anti-corruption and prevent it.

The British Embassy in Guatemala, Acción Ciudadana (Guatemalan Chapter of Transparency International) and the International Infrastructure Transparency Initiative (CoST) are committed to helping tackle the problem of corruption in Guatemala.

In commemoration of International Anti-Corruption Day, CoST published the eighth CoST Guatemala Report on “Promoting the quality of public infrastructure in Guatemala”, showing that it is necessary to pay special attention and timely improve the dissemination, planning, contracting and quality control in public infrastructure works.

Among the conclusions, it is highlighted that Guatemala has made progress in the recognition of corruption as one of the main obstacles that hinder the country’s development possibilities. However, it is necessary to articulate an anti-corruption system that prevents, punishes corruption exemplarily, and generates institutional reforms that guarantee non-repetition of the facts.

The United Kingdom is pleased to work with these prominent actors in Guatemala to continue advancing the transparency agenda in the country.