Industry Takes Action to Deter Oil Protests

Key operators in the oil sector have secured civil injunctions to deter protests at their sites

The oil industry has taken significant legal steps to limit protests which have been causing disruption to businesses and the public over recent weeks.

A number of key operators in the oil sector including Navigator Thames, ExxonMobil and Valero have each secured civil injunctions for their sites, helping them to work with local police forces to minimise disruption their businesses.

The injunctions will help to deter further disruption to the public as a result of recent protest activity by Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion.

Energy Minister Greg Hands said:

While we value the right to peaceful protest, it is crucial that these do not cause disruption to people’s everyday lives. That’s why I’m pleased to see oil companies taking action to secure injunctions at their sites, working with local police forces to arrest those who break the law and ensure deliveries of fuel can continue as normal.

Existing injunctions first granted in autumn 2021 also remain in place on the M25, M25 feeder roads, and Kent and Dover roads, deterring protesters from impeding traffic on those roads.

Police forces across the country are taking a robust stance with protestors who interfere with and attempt to disrupt key infrastructure, and have made more than 600 arrests since the protests began.

Police and industry are working together to help ensure regular deliveries of fuel to forecourts can continue as normal, with motorists encouraged to continue to purchase fuel as they normally would.