I Hope This Clears Things Up

A short time ago the UN had its meeting in France to discuss matters relating to the conflict in Israel with the Arabs.

On a recent Shabbat, we learned about Moses becoming the Leader of the Jewish people.

Another ingenious example of a leader's speech and the politics of managing people occurred in the UN assembly. A representative from Israel began:

"Before I begin my speech, I want to tell you something about Moses, when he struck the rock and brought forth water, he thought what a great opportunity it would be to have a bath just then. Moses removed his clothes put them aside placing them on a nearby rock and he entered the water. Afterwards, he got out and wanted to get dressed, but his clothes had vanished. An Arab had stolen them!"

An Arab, representing the so-called 'Palestinian people' at the UN, jumped up and shouted furiously "what the Hell are you talking about? The Palestinians weren't even there then!"

Turning to the UN officials, the Israeli representative smiled and said, "now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech".