Hastings Direct in Row Over Insurance Settlement

Hastings Insurance Services

Hastings Insurance Services Ltd., based in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, today faces a claim over failing to settle a vehicle claim as agreed. According to a source familiar with the details, who spoke to WireNews on the condition of anonymity, the dispute could be headed to court as early as next Friday.

Hastings, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (register number 311492), proposed a payout to its insured on a rear-end accident in July that was clearly the fault of the other driver, Hastings wrote to its client, confirming 'no-fault'.

Hastings' client, who stopped at a zebra-crossing was rear-ended by an elderly driver, who was driving without his hearing aid and who slammed his car into Hastings' client at nearly 50 MPH, writing off the car.

Hastings then referred their client to Auxillis Limited, which operates an arms-length arrangement whereby vehicle quotes, repairs, car rentals, etc., are dealt with by Auxillis, under the watchful eye of Hastings.

But Auxillis delivered Hastings' client a car that was unsafe to drive. It took two days to return the car, which was not driven by the client and written complaints to Auxillis and Hastings were ignored.

Subsequently, Hastings chose to write-off their client's vehicle and proposed a settlement, and confirmed by email that the settlement would be made 'within a couple of days'.

More than one month on and without a car for more than a month since the accident and Hastings is 'sitting on' the claim and has not made the promised payout.


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