Government Gives 'Key Worker' Status to Journalists

According to reports, the British government has given the coveted 'Key Worker' status to journalists who are reporting on the Coronavirus (#COVID19) pandemic.

From the March 2020 report:

The list of 'Key Workers' includes “journalists and broadcasters who are providing public service broadcasting” in the category of “key public services”. A Downing Street spokesperson confirmed this is intended to cover all journalists who are informing and communicating with the public on the coronavirus crisis, not just broadcasters as some initially interpreted it. For example, a journalist at technology and culture magazine Wired who is reporting on coronavirus could be considered key, while a BBC music journalist may not. It is up to employers to decide which staff fit the bill. The classification means journalists’ work is considered “critical to the Covid-19 response” and that their children will be able to access education and childcare provision after schools shut today, maybe for months.

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