Fraud Alert: Rivo Studio Refuses Refunds Despite Online and Distance Selling Regulations

Updated: Apr 12

After a number of complaints about Riva Studio from our readers, WireNews placed an online order for a "Rivo Studio", which is described as a "professional grade" studio. The company markets itself as operating in the US and in Europe, but the goods WireNews received arrived from China, so it took 19 days for the parcel to arrive.

Upon opening the package, it was clear that the kit was not worth anywhere near the $64 charged (as we received a discount as it was normally £69).

We contacted Riva's customer support and made our complaint regarding the quality of the product and requested a return address where we could send the item for a refund.

The company refused.

The law in the UK provides for a refund for any reason for online and distance purchases and so Riva is legally required to permit a return and refund for any reason whatsoever.

A formal complaint will be made with the relevant authority by WireNews.

We do not recommend buying anything from this company. Do not purchase from this company.


UPDATE: PayPal refunded 100% of the amount paid. So, if you purchase from this company (and you should not), pay via PayPal.