Former Pinkerton Academy Teacher Accused of Probate Fraud

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

by Bill White

In a continuation of the Series on Pinkerton Academy and one of the high school's former teachers and the cover-up by the school's Administrators, this story comes by way of one of our readers who was impacted by Pinkerton's failure to act as required by law.

Kenneth L. Kanady, who died on June 2, 2019, worked at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), where he met Diane E Foster (nee Burrell), a woman with a sordid past who liked people to call her 'Deb' or 'Debbie'; the initials for Diane E. Burrell. A short time after meeting her Ken and Debbie married and she began calling herself Diane E. Kanady, still being called 'Debbie' by her closest friends.

'Debbie', who sexually abused one of her students, had been able to get a high-paying position with DEC immediately after she left Pinkerton Academy with a good reference, in a deal, she made with Administrators who collectively covered up the scandal.

Afterwards, she became a “trusted" CSA, a certification that had been issued by Society of Certified Senior Advisors, and Burrell/Foster/Kanady was able to gain access to a number of vulnerable people and according to information received by WireNews, she obtained a power of attorney from an elderly man, a bachelor, who had worked with her former husband at DEC.

The Society of Certified Senior Advisors (SCSA) says that it educates and certifies professionals who work with seniors. While it appears that 'Debbie' is no longer associated with the SCSA, she was certified by this group as being a Trusted CSA.

Having befriended the man, upon his death, "Debbie" received $125,000 according to the man's sister. Click the link before for all of the articles in the Series.

How many people have suffered or were taken advantage of because of the failure of Pinkerton Academy Administrators to act, when they could have?



Bill White is CEO of WireNews.


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