Dominos UK Gets Off Selling a Cheeseless, Cheese Pizza

We got two of these!

I ordered two large cheese pizzas from Dominos Pizza UK the other night. The company's website is a joke because it allows you to order a cheese pizza without cheese.

The function the company uses to toggle between, cheese, extra cheese, [no cheese], and then cheese again was conceived by an idiot.

Instead of adding a "plain pizza" option for customers who might wish to have a simple pizza shell with tomato paste [and or other toppings], which would make more sense, the company allows you to order something that is contrary to the description of what you're ordering.

Similarly, the company's customer service at the store level is faulty, at best. Why not telephone the customer to confirm that they're ordering a cheese pizza without cheese? Why ask the customer for their telephone number if you're not going to use it when the order doesn't make sense?

I immediately called the central Customer Service number in the UK [01908 580000] and was told that the franchisee would be allowed five business days to reply. Since I didn't want to wait five days to eat, I order two more pizzas and this time I added a note to make sure the cheese pizzas had cheese on them!

A few hours later the manager of the franchise called me but he refused to refund the money I had paid for the first order.

He also refused to collect the two cheese pizzas that were without cheese.

Because I paid through PayPal I made a complaint through that process but PayPal would not refund the money because it was for a food purchase, which is the only part of this saga that actually makes sense.