DJkit Now Shipping the All-New, Ultra-Affordable HDJ-CUE1 Collection from Pioneer DJ

Britain’s Leading DJ Hardware Retailer Welcomes Pioneer DJ’s Latest Lineup of Low-Cost, High-Quality Headphones

The UK’s leading DJ hardware specialist is proud to announce the arrival of Pioneer DJ’s new HDJ-CUE1 headphone collection. Described as “optimal for beginner DJs and music enthusiasts alike” by Pioneer DJ, the new collection combines the technology and design features of commercial-quality headphones with an almost impossibly low price.

Now shipping across the UK from DKit at a price of just £59, the new HDJ-CUE1 headphone collection looks set to be the bargain of the summer. Head over to the official HDJ-CUE1 product page at DJkit for full details, along with the full range of accessories and extras to customise your headphones. Check out the full details at the following link:

Pro-style. Pro-comfort.

“HDJ-CUE1 headphones make your music even better. Choose between wired and Bluetooth models, and mix and match colors to start your DJ journey in style. The HDJ-CUE1 is light — weighing less than 250 grams— meaning you can use them all night long and stay comfortable. Adjustable ear cups that can turn a full 90 degrees lets you wear them your way while your monitoring your mix. Plus, they fold for any transport, so keep them with you at all times and always be ready to play a set at a moment's notice.” – Pioneer DJ

Built with both performing and casual listening in mind, Pioneer DJ claims to have created the ultimate affordable crossover with its new headphone collection. Lightweight, comfortable to wear and with a swivel mechanism that lets you turn the ear cups 90 degrees, HDJ-CUE1 combines performance-quality features with an astonishing entry-level price tag.

Choose from the wired or wireless variant, alongside a wide range of colourful accessories for personalisation. Replacement earpads and cables are available in yellow, pink, blue, green, orange and more.

Built to Last.

“Impress your friends with a smooth set. The cable is designed so you won't knock it out of place when you're performing. No one said DJing was easy, which is why all our DJ headphones are built to withstand the heavy stress that DJing places on a pair of headphones. The HDJ-CUE1 is no exception. Perform night after night, until the early hours, and your Cue1s will still work just like they did on the day you got them. Once you’ve got your base colour, you can express your individuality with interchangeable earpads and cables in orange, yellow, green, blue, and pink.” – Pioneer DJ

Despite being exceptionally lightweight and impossibly affordable, the HDJ-CUE1 is also impressively durable and built to last. Capable of surviving even the wildest parties and club events, HDJ-CUE1 rivals the quality of many headphones that sell for three times this price.

Now available from DJkit at a guaranteed UK-low price of just £59, the new HDJ-CUE1 presents the perfect entry-point for aspiring DJs and performers on a budget. Though in this instance, opting for a low-cost option in no way means compromising on quality.

Check out the full details at the following link:

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