Did Ken Kanady Know About Wife's Sordid Past?

Pinkerton Academy teacher benefited from 'secret deal' to cover-up her sleazy past

Kenneth L. Kanady

Kenneth L. Kanady, who died on June 2, 2019, was married to Diane E. Burrell, formerly Diane E. Foster. It was her second marriage.

Kanady authored a 'handbook' entitled the Essence of Professionalism, published by R & R Newkirk, which he penned just six years after his wife was sexually abusing a minor.

As reported by WireNews, Foster/Kanady was a teacher at Pinkerton Academy and sexually abused one of her underaged students.

Foster's deviant behaviour was discovered, but at the time, Pinkerton Administrators brokered a deal with the teacher, to keep her secret and to avoid legal liability.

It's unlikely that Kanady knew before he married Foster, but the question of whether, later, he learned that his bride was a sexual deviant, is one that requires an answer.


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