Defund Twitter Campaign Launches

A grassroots campaign to #DefundTwitter has begun with Trump Supporters throughout the world being asked to block all Promoted Links and Advertisements on Twitter.

Hashtag #DefundTwitter is a response to Twitter's continued censorship, including shadowbanning Conservative voices, the blocking of Conservative Tweets, the false labeling of Conservative messages, and most recently, the banning of a number of Conservative accounts including President Donald J. Trump.

To participate in the campaign simply click the three dots on the top right of any Promoted Link (Tweet/post) or Advertisement and select from the drop-down "Block @(username)". You will be asked to confirm that request and afterward, the Tweet will disappear.

There are more than 75 million Trump supporters in the United States and tens of millions of supporters around the world. Most, if not all, of these supporters, have a Twitter account and a majority are active users. It takes only a small percentage of these users to block 2-3 sponsors each day to cause a measurable impact with Twitter's advertisers.

Share this message with the hashtag #DefundTwitter.