Dean Kirton, The Ashley Foundation Linked To Montgomery High School Threats

Updated: Apr 23

Dean Kirton

An employee of The Ashley Foundation, a Blackpool based homeless charity that has recently come under fire for its CEO’s racist hiring practices, has been linked to the “Monty Massacre” threats that are alleged by Montgomery Administrators and Lancashire Constabulary.

According to news reports, the threats made against the children at Montgomery High School, originated as a threat on Facebook. However, Lancashire Constabulary say the original threat was made via

Dean Kirton, who has worked for The Ashley Foundation since July 2010 and who is closely associated with Lee Dribben, CEO and Shadow Director for The Ashley Foundation, sent a threatening email to a former WireNews director; a response to the negative publicity associated with his employer. The email address was a private address known only to Dribben and one other person, the author of this article.

Information contained within the threatening email, sent by Kirton, links him to the Montgomery High School threats.

Lancashire Constabulary has been informed.

Paul Austen Bamber, a Trustee for The Ashley Foundation, Lee Dribben and Dean Kirton declined to comment for this article after being reached by email.


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