Charity Commission Approved this Dormant Company as a Registered Charity

CAWRM Ltd. was registered as a company in England and Wales on 28 July 2017.

On 18 July 2018 one year later, the Directors filed dormant company accounts made up to 30 April 2018 that reported no activity.

Astonishingly, on 1 May 2018 (the day after the reporting period, which had described no activity), the Charity Commission registered this Dormant Company has a registered charity, calling itself Jerusalem Merit, with the following Objectives:

CAWRM aims to provide education, health, spiritual and welfare support for Iraqi Christians who have had to leave their home country and relocate to Jordan.
As part of the ongoing process, we have also been able to relocate families to Australia and Canada to offer them the chance of a new life.
The charity provides schooling for children between 5 and 16 in Jordan and healthcare for families.

On 28 November 2018, only six months after registration, the Charity Commission opened an Inquiry into the Charity citing the following concerns:

  • the charity’s funds having been held in the personal bank account of an individual linked to the charity, at a time during which the individual was under police investigation for terrorist financing offences;

  • that not all of the funds held by the individual had been repaid to the charity;

  • charitable funds being put at risk by the couriering of significant amounts of cash out of the UK to the Middle East, with approximately £45,000 transferred in this manner in the first half of 2018;

  • the unauthorised employment and remuneration of a trustee;

  • unexplained large payments to a limited company whose sole director is the individual linked to the charity; and

  • the inability to account for the charity’s funds before it was registered with the Commission.

Today, the Charity Commission has announced the appointment of an interim manager to oversee the 'Charity'. On 14 January 2020, Gordon Reid of Barlow Robbins Solicitors was appointed under section 76(3)(g) of the Charities Act 2011. His role will be to assess specific issues, including the charity’s relationship with a third-party company, and the charity’s viability.

The above record shows that from at least 1 May 2018 until 14 January 2020 individual(s) under investigation by police for terrorist financing offences have been able to register as a 'Charity' and send money to the Middle East.

Perhaps the interim manager should be investigating how this company became registered as a 'Charity' while it was a Dormant Company.