Britain Seals Its Fate by Electing a Charlatan

by Bill White

According to some reports this morning, the Conservative Party's election success in returning Boris Johnson to Number 10 with a commanding majority can be credited to Jewish voters. I am not so sure about that...

While it's true that Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn carried with him some considerable and undeniable baggage that he and many others within his party are anti-Semites, the rise of anti-Semitic attacks against British Jewry has been on the increase all the while the Conservatives have been in government, so hoping that it will stop (now) that Johnson has been elected Prime Minister, is illogical at best.

The results are still trickling in but it would now appear that Johnson could have a majority of at least 79 seats, with Labour trailing by 161 seats with a total of 31,960,517 votes cast. Compare that to the 2016 Referendum which saw 33,577,342 votes cast, about 72 per cent of the registered voters at the time. In other words, fewer people voted in this important election than voted in the 2016 Referendum.

Voters were lied to in the leadup to the 2016 Referendum. These lies were supported, and frankly, encouraged by the media. Additionally, EU citizens who live, work and pay tax in the UK were denied the right to vote in the Referendum despite the fact that many of them vote in local elections. Their numbers alone could have delivered a different Referendum result, with more than 2 million foreign nationals living in the UK.

That said, voters have now elected Johnson, despite his lies and despite his refusal to consider a second Referendum. This general election all but seals the fate of Great Britain, guaranteeing that Johnson will proceed with his reckless plan to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union with or without a deal.

Will Johnson's plan stop illegal immigration?

No. Ireland continues to offer an easy entrance into the United Kingdom. Johnson has repeatedly said there will be no border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. And what about the threat of Muslim terrorists? Well, the vast majority of attacks are carried out by British citizens, so I guess you could say that they're already here.

Will Johnson's plan prevent inevitable economic freefall?

No. Even with a deal, every independent evaluation of a post-Brexit Britain predicts gloom and doom with some estimates suggesting a downturn of as much as 4 per cent of GDP. Johnson's Conservative government has refused to publish official estimates leading many people to expect the truth is far worse than imagined.

US President Donald J Trump supports Brexit and he's done wonders for the US economy so shouldn't British voters have taken that into consideration?

Yes and No. Yes, you should have considered it, but no, it does not mean we should follow his advice. Trump is President of the United States. He has made it abundantly clear that his interests are for the US economy, as they should be, but the greatest threat to the US dollar is the Euro, followed by Pound Sterling. Interestingly, Brexit has the potential for taking out both currencies while Trump champions 'UK Independence'.

British Jewry and Jewish Diaspora throughout the world (lead by the United States) are busy backslapping and congratulating themselves this morning. Many within the Community were far too short-sighted and believed that they had only a binary choice: Corbyn or Johnson. The campaigning against Corbyn and his anti-Semitism, fueled by Johnson's dishonesty and his understanding of Jewish fears, worked perfectly for the Conservatives.

So who's to blame?

A feckless electorate and a dishonest media enabling a charlatan to lie his way into Number 10 resulting in the destruction of a once-great nation.


Bill White is CEO of WireNews.